Air Jando Pulang (Drink)

Local Favourite Drink

When visiting places be it for holiday or work, always give the local cuisine a try. I certainly do so and here is one unique drink that I got to enjoy during a trip to Negeri Sembilan in Malaysia. This drink is called Jando Pulang.

Jando is the local slang (Negeri Sembilan slang) for janda (widow) and pulang is Malay for return, as in to return to a place such as one’s home. The drink Jando Pulang could loosely be translated to “Widow’s Return” or “The Return Of The Widow.” I have been digging about for an answer as to how the name came about but I have yet to stumble upon an accurate answer to what’s behind its name.

Anyway, Jando Pulang is a coconut drink where the water and meat from the coconut is further sweeten with red sugar or palm sugar, made more fragrant with pandan leaves, and served with ice. It certainly is a sweet tasty drink that is deliciously refreshing especially on a hot sunny day. If you like sweet drinks, do give Jando Pulang a try when you visit Negeri Sembilan.

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