Monica Bay


About 10 minutes drive from Cherating Beach (Kuantan-Kemamanc Road heading towards Kemaman town) is another beautiful stretch of beach called Monica Bay. Although it is in the state of Terengganu, I decided to included it as it is so close to Cherating (right at the border of Pahang and the state of Terengganu).


Casuarina trees at Monica Bay provides shade and a beautiful sight.

This beach is simply fabulous. Lines of casuarina trees makes this beach a beautiful place to picnic and to take photos. The beach itself is long and beautiful. There are swings for children and adults to swing on and relax especially during the weekdays when the beach is typically empty.


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Me having fun on one of the swings at Monica Bay.

Monica Bay Beach is certainly of the more scenic beaches with a relaxing atmosphere especially during the weekdays (working hours) when the beach is almost empty. One can just sit back and relax as the sea breeze blows; a mesmerizing feeling indeed.

Google Maps to Monica Bay Beach.

Other Beaches In And Around Kuantan

Below are other beaches that are in Kuantan or are not far off from Kuantan. They certainly are worth visiting when one goes to Kuantan.

Perhaps one of the most famous beaches just off Kuantan is Cherating Beach, a beach blessed golden sands, world class resorts, etc.

Teluk Cempedak Beach is one of the more popular and famous beaches in Kuantan. This is where to locals go to in the evenings with their family and friends to chill.

This beach is unique as it is littered with black stones thus earning it its name ‘Black Stone Beach.’ It is a popular spot for anglers and those that enjoy kite flying because of its windy conditions.

Balok Beach is long and windy making it an ideal beach for activities such as windsurfing, Kite surfing, etc. This is where the Swiss Garden Beach Resort Kuantan is located.

The Teruntum Mini Zoo is one of the places least known to visitors to Kuantan. The mini zoo is open to all and entrance is free. This makes the Teruntum Mini Zoo a must visit when in Kuantan.

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