It Is A “Lockdown”: 10 Positively Good Things To Do  

COVID-19 Lockdown

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Locked down by the COVID-19 virus? This lockdown does not have to be a harsh difficult thing for you to manage. You have a choice to either take it positively or in a negative way. It is totally up to you. The internet is certainly a buzz with all sorts of bad news, thus I have decided to share goodness instead.  

Here are 10 positively good things you can do to help make these 14 days lockdown a good one for you.

Conditions for most of the points below:

* Not under self quarantine.


1.Try reading a book.

 I know it is not easy since most of us prefer to read stuffs (real, bullshit, made up, facts, etc.) off our digital devices. I challenge you to go past 5 pages with full on focus within your first read. Most people safely make it pass the third paragraph and then its “mind travelling” time. Let’s see how far you get.


If you succeed, you will realize just how damaged your ability to focus has become due to the fast paced lifestyle that you have adopted. This will help you regain some ability to focus better. Having the ability to focus well helps you not only in your job but also your personal life.

2. Play board games with those at home.

If you do not have board games, go get some after the lockdown has ended (not now). If you have them kept somewhere; take them out, dust them off, and relearn to have some non-digital gaming fun.


Board games help create bond with friends and family, and bonding with those you live with is a healthy activity. Most families these days do not spend enough family time together. Even when all are at home, time is not spent together. Everyone will be on their own digital devices doing their own thing. Playing a board game is a good way to bond. Who knows, it may even lead to talking. By talking I really meant having a real conversation.

3. Learn something new.

Maybe you have always wanted to learn to play a musical instrument, a new language, or a new skill. Why not do it now? Of course, if you want to learn a guitar but you do not have one… go learn something else and don’t buy a guitar online. Always buy one at the shops. If enough people ask me why I don’t recommend buying guitars online, I will write an article explaining why.


Learning something new wakes your brain (and mind) up. Being awake does not mean that you are awake. Your eyes may be open but you are generally operating subconsciously doing the things you normally do (hence why bad habits are hard to break and also why we seldom succeed in doing things that we say we will do such as one’s new year’s resolutions).

Learning something new will help you become less forgetful, give you some needed motivation to live, help you be more creative, helps you build focus, counters boredom, etc. Anyway, we never stop learning. We either learn unconsciously or we consciously learn something.

4. Checkout your collection.

Most of us (not all) have got a need to be rewarded. When we achieve something we subconsciously expect a reward. Most of the time we reward ourselves by buying stuffs that we like but do not need. Most of us also tend to reward ourselves just for the sake of rewarding; meaning that we just buy things because we can. The reason why can go really deep reaching back to when one was still a child.


It is fun to rekindle yourself with things that you suddenly remember you have. Plus it is also nice to clear out some of the clutter. I know it is hard to throw away things as there is always this feeling of attachment. Anyway, we are subconsciously ingrained to accumulate stuffs. This too goes back all the way to a time when those who walked this earth were hunters and gatherers.

Well, checking out what you have accumulate over the years is in itself a trip down memory lane. It brings back old fond memories (not so fond memories too). It is also a door that allows your children to have a little glimpse of your past; another bonding opportunity. Needless to say, if in your collection is a stack of porno magazines and tapes; better to keep them hidden until the kids have all gone to sleep.

5. Spring cleaning for your home.

Of course some of us have maids and cleaning the home is no longer something that needs to be done. But if you do not have a maid; it is a good time to do so.


Spring cleaning offers some exercise, a more comfortable living space, and sometimes even surprises. Some sofa sets are known to hide coins, rings, keys, remote controls, etc. Most of us spend our time working and when we are not at work; we are too tired to do anything thing else that requires some effort and energy. Working from home or just being at home for 14 days (this current “Lockdown”) will give you time and energy to spring clean.

6. Rearranging your living space.

When it comes to our homes, seldom do we rearrange the furniture, decor, etc. This is because most folks no longer live in their homes. They stay there but do not live there. Even at home their minds are still at work.


Rearranging your living space will break the norm. You will start to feel different. You may get a new perspective of things (and I don’t just mean the way your home looks). It gives you a feeling of starting a new. Your life gets some form of a reset. You may get a new appreciation for your home.

7. Cook something you have not cooked before.

In this fast paced world that we live in, few have time to cook. The lucky ones get to do so but then again, the dishes that they cook are usually the same few; those that they are used too. Again, this is because we live in our subconscious minds are on autopilot most of the time. Our subconscious mind picks up the usual program, plays it, and we do accordingly.


Cooking something that we have not cooked before requires us to learn something new. We go in search of a recipe keeping in mind of what we have in our hands. This forces us to think out of our usual “boxes.” We have to consciously search for a recipe that we can use without the need of leaving our home. Creativity comes into play too. We also feed the “reward” section of our mind, in this case; tasty food prepared by our own hands. This experience can be really satisfying especially to those who do not usually cook.

8. Explore your garden

While you should not leave your home, you are allowed to roam about in your garden. Just don’t go about shaking hands with your neighbours just in case they’ve been infected. Practise social distancing. Back to your garden; while we live in our world, there are those that live in their own tiny world called your garden. Why not pay them a visit?


If you have young kids, exploring any garden can be lots of fun. All that is needed is a magnifying glass, a net, containers to store things that you find, etc. Then, go Google to find out more about what you’ve seen and or picked up and placed in said containers. It really is a whole new world down there. This is great as it helps your children develop an interest in nature.

If you do not have kids, who knows; exploring your garden could bring out the inner child in you. You may find your garden so intriguing that you forget about the daily grind that has been a prison to you. You will certainly gain knowledge just by exploring your garden.

9. Watch motivational videos

Instead of watching movies, fiery talks by politicians, “facts” by who knows who, etc.; why not make a little change this 14 days of forced semi “lockdown” by building your motivation (and mind) with motivational videos? After all, you do not have to pay for them. They are freely available on YouTube.      


While most of us enjoy watching movies, stupid videos that pushes our blood pressure up, and mind numbing fake facts; motivational videos actually does something good for us. They help us restart a fire that has been long extinguished by daily “rat racing.” This fire helps prepare us to work on our goals and dreams again. Watching motivational videos when you wake up helps give you a positive booster kicking start your day in a positive way.

It may be a difficult task to do so for many as our minds have been programmed towards negativity instead of positivity. That is why we gravitate towards bad news. Newspapers and news channels that only share good news will not get the viewership needed to keep the business going. This is why we always read and see bad news in the newspapers or in the television. But if you can just train yourself to start your day with motivational videos, your life will start to change in a good way.

10. Rekindle that romance.

Needless to say, this is for couples. But if you are all alone and your hand is your only friend… I am not going to judge you and no one should. We tend to spend so much time working that our minds are tuned to work, work, and work. Many couples lose that romantic flame.


Divorce has become a word that is used frequently and freely these days. Of course, being in a relationship does take plenty of effort. Keeping that romance alive too takes plenty of effort. That romance is one of the ingredients to a happy family. With a 14 days lockdown enforced, why not take the opportunity to rekindle the flame. Sex is healthy and brings about plenty of benefits for your body. It certainly enhances the bond between husband and wife. So, why not?

Bonus: 11. Meditate.

Since I am feeling generous I have decided to give you a bonus. Without the need to get stuck in a jam, stand body to body with strangers on the train, etc. you save plenty of time working from home this 14 days. You can use this time to meditate. Just put your phone in silent mode, sit under a shower, and let your mind go free. You don’t have to say anything or make any sound. Just sit under the shower and listen to the water dropping on you and on the floor. Feel the water. focus on the water. Let you thoughts go. Float away to a place of nothingness. Spend time relaxing there.


Meditation is good for you. It helps reduce stress. It calms you. It refreshes you. It clears your mind. A clear mind helps with your work and your personal life. Reducing stress is good for your health. You recharge your body, mind, and soul. Mediation does not have to be connected to religious beliefs. You do not have to chant anything. Just relax and let go.

There you go, 10+1 positive things to do during these negative times. Use these 14 days positively and live life fully. Stay safe.

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