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Termeloh, the second largest town in Pahang is an old town with old colonial buildings and is near one of the gateways into Taman Negara (Malaysia’s National Park). One thing Temerloh is famous for is this river fish called the patin fish (Pangasianodon hypophthalmus), a type of river catfish found in the rivers here in Malaysia. In fact, Temerloh is called ‘Temerloh, Bandar Ikan Patin’ or Temerloh the City of Patin Fish.

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Floating platforms make up the floating restaurant.

Being a famous for this fish, Temerloh is also famous for a dish called ‘ikan patin masak gulai tempoyak.’ Gulai tempoyak is a dish that uses fermented durian meat mixed with some herbs and spices. The patin fish is then cooken with the gulai tempoyak gravy. It is one of those dishes that is liked by some and some just cannot take it. This includes durian lovers.

One of the places to go to should one want to try ‘ikan patin masak gulai tempoyak’ is D’Mukmin Floating Restaurant. D’Mukmin Floating Restaurant is unique as visitors get to dine on land or on water. There are wooden floating platforms secured with plastic barrels that help them float on a pond. Huts are built on these platforms for diners to dine under. These huts provide some protection from the weather. It was raining when we were there.


Eating here is like eating on a boat. Dining at these gazebos can be either fun or dizzying. 

Dining on these floating platforms is like dining on a boat. The platforms move when the wind is strong and when there is movement on the platform; such as when someone is walking on it. This certainly is a unique experience especially for those who have not eaten on a boat (cruise ships do not count). Needless to say, should one be prone to seasickness or motion sickness, one should opt to eat on land instead.


Drinks counter and smaller kitchen.

Should you find yourself one day in Temerloh, Pahang, and this article suddenly springs a spark igniting a flow of stomach juices urging you to eat something; pop by D’Mukmin Floating Restaurant and try out the ‘ikan patin masak gulai tempoyak.’ Do order other dishes as well just in case you find the ‘ikan patin masak gulai tempoyak’ a little too funky and not to your liking.


A wider view of the floating platforms. There are more platforms with more gazebos.

Additional Information

Restoran Terapung D’Mukmin

Lot 579 Batu Satu, Temerloh, Pahang.

Contact: +6019 920 6505

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